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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Organizing the Hoard

 Hello again Internet People!  Another busy day here at Mother's house.  I almost forgot to come put in my time at the keyboard today, but then I remembered, so here I am.  I spent the morning sorting out all my hand dyed fabrics, again.  So they are now all arranged in color groupings again.  These were the pieces without the fusible web on the back, I already organized those a few weeks ago.  Once I had all the fabrics straightened out I spent some time sketching up an idea for how I want to put together these new landscapes quilts I was talking about yesterday.  I am thinking picture window quilts, like you are looking out a window at the landscape.  Each one would consist of several "panes" with each pane showing part of the landscape.  I think this will make the projects more manageable, since i only have to work on one pane at a time.  

While I continue to mull this concept over in my head I went back to "drawing" patterns.  I think I have about 50 different animals done so far, pretty soon I will get started on some birds, then I just have to sort them all out into their various habitats.  Thank gawd for the internet!  It is going to make this project so much easier than it ever could have been without it.  Being able to just ask Google, what animals live in an area with what plants, is a whole lot easier than having to look that shit up myself at the library.  It also will end up providing unending assistance in colorations and other details on demand.  

We live in a fantastically awesome time for information and I am grateful every damn day for that fact.  Mother Loves information!  I have always been a collector of information.  I have multiple folders and two huge 3-ring binders full of recipes I copied by hand from library books and magazines, and I have a multitude of boxes full of patterns and designs  I have traced as well.  When I worked at the Print Shop I thought I had died and gone to heaven because they let me use the photocopier for my own personal use, and man did I use the shit out of that thing!  Then, my ultimate dream finally came true when my wonderful husband bought me my first scanner!  Now I can collect all the information in the world and not be buried under mountains of paper (except when I want to be).  And trust me, I have more information than any 7 people could read in their lifetimes, and I am always accumulating more.  I will admit it, I am an information hoarder.  It would be helpful if all that information was a lot better organized, but I am getting there, slowly.

In the mean time I am going to get back to drawing patterns.  I will be back again tomorrow, unless I forget.  Just kidding, I probably won't forget.                

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