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Thursday, December 20, 2012

I Was Born This Way

I wasn't raised to be independent, I was just born this way.  

I was talking to a friend and this was my reply when she told me she was raised to be politically independent.  The moment I finished typing those words they struck me as being very profound, and very important, and very true. 

Everything I am as a person.  Everything I believe, and everything I hold Dear to me as a human being, are counter to the world I was raised in, the things I was "taught".  How do conservative christian republican families end up with radical liberal independent children?  It sure ain't "nurture", it's got to be "nature", right?  And, why oh why, do the people who claim to believe so strongly in "God" always have to be the ones who despise nature?  I thought He "created" everything, why do you despise what He created?

If you ever wondered why I speak out so adamantly for LGBT Rights when they have no direct effect on my life, this is why.  I have been made to live most of my life hiding in the corner or "in the closet" because of who I am as a person and what I believe, just as some people would have them do.  Because of the way they were born.  You can argue genetics, biology, or choice till the cows come home, it does not change a fucking thing.  People ARE born the way they are born and some things just cannot and should not be changed.  I may not be gay, but according to most people who I am is rather "queer" and my ideologies are as great a threat as the gays have ever been to their comfortable little delusions.  So, of course, I have no choice but to stand up for LGBT Rights, I mean, its not like I could ever stand up for my own.


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