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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who Stole My Motivation This Time?!

Hello Internet People!  Mother is still stuck in that not doing shit rut again and I am not having any luck getting out of it.  I have killed the entire morning again on Facebook and I still have no clue what I want to work on.  I just cannot find any motivation anywhere, no matter how hard I look for it.  I think someone stole it.  Yeah, that must be it!  Someone stole my motivation.  Unfortunately, it was probably me.

Hey, maybe if I set my sights to spending the day here, writing, then maybe I will find my motivation hiding somewhere between the keys.  I reckon it is worth a try, nothing else seems to be working.  Now all I have to do is figure out what to write about.  Aw, fuck.  There is always a catch!  Well, damnit, now what?  I guess I could just ramble away at you about nothing like I usually do, or I could sit here staring at the screen and not typing a fucking thing, which I often do as well.  But neither of those things sound like very much fun for either of us at the moment, so I will have to keep working on finding something to work on.

This is yet another reason I hate this time of year.  I have no room to work when I am confined to the indoors.  At least in parts of the Spring and Summer and Fall, I can work outside and spread out as much as I want, in the winter that is NOT an option, at all.  Unfortunately there is so much "stuff" in our house that it leaves very little room to actually do stuff when we are confined to the indoors.  I keep telling my husband that our "ideal" house would actually be a warehouse with a couple of little rooms separated off with walls for sleeping and bathing.  Just one huge 4000+ square foot room for everyone to spread out in.  To me, that would be the perfect home.  Although I still think I could use up the whole space all by myself and still feel crowded.                   

Oh well, not like that is gonna happen anytime soon, so I need to quit fixating on things that I cannot do anything about, and figure out something that I can do.  Like, go make lunch for the kids.  Now there is something I can do.  And I reckon I better get about doing it before the little creatures take a page from the dog's playbook and start gnawing on me!  I shall return, later.                      

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