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Saturday, December 1, 2012

My "OCCD" - Obsessive Compulsive Creativity Disorder

Hello Internet People!  Mother is still alive and as well as can be expected given her particular life.  I have been keeping busy working for my husband and being extremely obsessive-compulsive with my art.  You know I joke about that all the time, my being obsessive-compulsive about things, but it occurs to me that you all have no clue how accurate a description it really is.  So I thought I would show you a small example ...

This is part of what I have spent countless hours doing for the last several days.  Cutting thousands of teeny tiny shapes from my fusible backed hand dyed fabrics.  Why? You may ask.  Frankly, I have no fucking clue!  I had absolutely no plan in place for using them when I started cutting, I just needed to do it.  And the more time I spent doing it the more I needed to do it.  I even have two more like the larger container in that picture that have the same shapes in them, one in all greens, the other in flesh tones.  As well as another, bigger, container containing just slightly bigger pieces in the same shapes. I have literally cut tens of thousands of these teeny tiny shapes, just because I had a need to cut them.  This is what I mean when I talk about my "OCCD" - Obsessive Compulsive Creativity Disorder.

I don't get nearly this bad about anything else.  Just creative things.  Unfortunately, I am this way with pretty much ALL creative things, and I have been from the beginning.  I guess I am kinda the same way about learning things, but the two have always gone hand in hand for me anyway so that isn't really surprising.  I have always heard about other people who are OCD about cleaning, or stuff like that, yeah, I don't have that problem.  Sometimes I wish I did.  But I get over that fairly quickly.  

Now, before you all go off thinking I have lost my mind entirely (which I have, but that is a different story entirely), I have had some thoughts on what to do with all those teeny tiny pieces.  Granted, most of them came after I started cutting, but that really doesn't matter.  I even used a whole bunch of those pieces up already on this ...

"Family Values" - a work in progress

 It is not finished yet, of course.  There is much to be done on this piece before it is finished, like the quilting.  I am working on the wording for that, but I don't have it all figured out yet.  The quilting will all be words if you hadn't figured that out from my convoluted attempt to explain it, and the words will be an explanation of the quilt's meaning.  Does that make more sense?  I hope so.  Anyway, there will be more embellishments than that added as well, but, all in due time.  Wouldn't want to rush into anything now would I?  Nope, not me.  I never do shit like that ...


  1. Sell small packets for card makers (good for shaker cards and borders n what not)

  2. I would think that the process of cutting & sorting would be most calming & pleasing to the eye.

  3. You'll make something beautiful with them someday.
    Why am I saving all my tiny felt scraps?