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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Lot of Rambling And A Little Bit of Genius

Hello again Internet People!  Well, it looks like this might just work, at least for a little while.  I mentioned yesterday that I thought I might do better at getting here to post something if I started earlier in the day, and here I am!  I even have some pictures to share with all of you this time.  Nothing exciting, well, unless you are as compulsive as I am about these things.  I find them very exciting, but I have mentioned before that I am kinda weird.

Yesterday I talked about how I had organized all of my thread collections.  I struggled for a long time trying to figure out the best way to store the damn things, and I have tried many different options, but these are the ones that ended up working for me.  You know those plastic drawer units?  The ones with like three drawers set in a plastic case?  Yeah, those cases are crap, but the drawers are awesome.  And since they came in a variety of sizes there are drawers available to fit almost any spool size, so that is what I use.  I keep the drawers inside of a wooden chest of drawers which also houses most of my machine embroidery supplies.

This drawer is my Rayon threads.  They are mostly used for machine embroidery but I have been known to use them for any number of applications.  Just not for construction, these are mostly cheap ass threads, they will not stand up to any real stress                   

 This drawer holds my cotton threads (as well as a little drawer full of cheap ass polyester threads).  These are my "go-to" threads for just about everything.  Well, they were, before I discovered the silk threads.

This picture is an example of my obsessive compulsive nature at work.  This is my collection of DMC hand embroidery floss.  I do believe I have every single color they produce (or I did as of 2005).  I actually went online and found a list of all of the colors they made and printed it out.  I then carried that damn thing with me in my purse for months and every time I found the stuff on sale somewhere I would whip out my list, collect a few more, and cross them off the list.  I then wound each of them onto their own little floss bobbin and labeled them and organized them by colors in these great little boxes.  And that is where they have sat since.  I brought them in the house last weekend, I think it is time to put them to use.

 Here is a picture of the leaves I have been working on for the last two weeks.  I counted last night and there are 152 that are either basted or lined and ready to go.  I still have another little bucket of ones I haven't finished yet, but there are probably only about 50 more to go.
  And here are ALL of my teeny tiny yo-yos.  I have a few more blue ones I haven't sewn yet, but I think I am yo-yo-ed out at the moment.  I did find some more uses for them, so I am sure I will make a few more before I am done, but for now I am working on other parts.

Speaking of hand sewing I figured something out yesterday that I NEED to share with all of you.  I don't know how many of you do any hand sewing, but I think most people have a basic understanding of the process.  When I learned to sew I was 10, I had little hands and the thimbles my mother had were all way too big for me, so I never learned to use one.  As a teenager I did a lot of hand embroidery on denim which is extremely punishing to ones fingers if one does not use a thimble.  I found then that band-aids worked pretty well.  The only problem was the threads and fabrics tend to get hung up on the band-aid and they become a real pain in the neck.  Okay, fast forward 30 years, I am starting to redevelop the callouses that protected my fingers, but they aren't there yet.  I ended up getting the back end of a needle embedded in my finger tip and it made a little pocket in the skin which keeps catching the needle and it fucking hurts!  I was looking online at some of these new fangled thimbles which are basically just a thick pad that sticks directly to the pad of your finger.  Now that might just work!  So I was looking at them, they wanted like $5 for 24 of them or something like that, and I almost bought them, but then the light bulb came on.  I have a whole stack of these sticky backed little silicone/rubber dots that you put on the bottom of stuff to keep it from scratching your furniture.  I bought them to put an the back of my acrylic rulers, but I found the cut out portions around the dots actually worked better for that, so I still had all the dots.  And guess what?!  They fucking work excellently!  And they are sticky enough to stay on and to be reused! And I got a pack of 24 of the for like a $1.29!  Some days my brilliance amazes me (well what really amazes me is that it took me so damn long to figure this out, but that's another story).

Oh, I should probably give you all an update on my weight gain plan, I have kinda been neglecting that lately.  I gave up on the whole idea of eating every two hours.  It ended up just making me obsess about it too much and it was counterproductive.  So I have just been trying to make myself eat something whenever i can, and eat an extra bite or two whenever I can.  It has actually been working.  I reached a low of 94.6 pounds, but the scale has since been heading in the other direction steadily.  Slowly, but steadily, and that is just the way I was hoping it would go.  I have found that if I can eat at least two "meals" a day (plus snackings of course) I think I can keep the needle heading in the right direction.  The last time I checked I was back up to 97.6 pounds, if I can just get it back into the triple digits again I will quit worrying about it.  Until then, I just have to find a balance between making myself eat something and obsessing about making myself eat something.  I will get there, it is just gonna take some time.

While we are waiting I am going to go get back to sewing and leave you all with this little gem ...



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