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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Pretty Little Primroses

Good Morning Internet People (It is morning here while I am typing so just go with it)!  It is a beautiful day here at Mother's house and I cannot wait to see what all I can accomplish today.  I am going to have to start cutting those brown stems and that basket out pretty soon, I am just whipping thru these flowers like crazy.  I finished the Primrose flowers yesterday, and the Eranthis, and all the parts for both the tulips.

The colors are a little washed out in the pictures, they are much brighter than they appear here.  These are the Primrose flowers.  Each petal was individually sewn, turned, closed and then stitched together at the points before tacking the tiny yo-yo in the center.   They were so much fun to make I am thinking of adding a few more to the picture.

These are the Eranthis (Winter Aconite) flowers, again they are much brighter than they appear.  Believe it or not, each petal started out as a small square which was folded into a triangle and the gathered along the raw edges.  The little half flower will sit behind the other ones in the finished picture.    

I didn't take a picture of the tulips yet.  They are not assembled.  I still need to press all the pieces before I can put them together.  I have a red one and a yellow one.  Since my background fabric is so dark I doubled all the pieces of the yellow one, and sewed the duplicates together, that should be enough to keep the yellow flower yellow.  I cut out two yellow crocuses as well, so I may need to think about lining them too, that will be a pain, those pieces are tiny!

For now I am going to go finish turning under the edges on the Amaryllis and start on the big leaves next.  Tomorrow I will try to show you pictures of my new magic trick I learned.  I found the most awesome marking pens for use on this project.  They were NOT designed for use on fabric, but some incredibly smart person figured out that they work remarkably well.  They are called "Frixion", they are erasable gel pens made by Pilot.  And yes, they even actually erase from paper!  Not like the erasable pens we had when I was a kid, those were messy obnoxious failures, these are fucking awesome.  They are supposed to erase with friction, hence the name, but they also erase with heat!  (Always TEST before using on something important!)  As I said, I will try to take some pictures later today to share with all of you tomorrow so you can see this amazing trick in action!

Until then I will leave you all with this ...

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