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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Its All About The Leaves

Hello again Internet People!  

Well, now that I have sat here for 5 minutes staring at those words I suppose I better start typing something or I am going to be here all damn day. Its not even that I don't have something to write about (that never stops me), I just can't figure out what I want to write about today.  

The basket project is coming along nicely.  I got the sides of the basket and 3/4's of the handle sewn down.  Of course after I got most of the way around the handle I figured out that I wanted some leaves poking out the sides behind the handle, so I ripped the stitches back out on the parts where the leaves will go.  I made leaves for the Eranthis and the Pansies and now I am trying to lay the leaves all out to determine where everybody is going to end up.  I ended up rearranging the flowers, again.  I am not sure why I spent so much time drawing up a design plan in the first place since I am changing it every step of the way, but it does give me a reference point.  Having the drawings of the flowers to look at while I arrange the pieces is certainly helpful anyway.                                    
Once I get all the leaves arranged maybe I will take another picture to share with all of you.  Once I start sewing them down there won't be very many more design changes, small additions I am sure, but no more major changes.  So I am trying very hard to get everything as close to perfect as I can.  I spent three hours placing and replacing leaves last night, and I am still not even close to being done.  Considering that I am only working with a couple dozen leaves at this point I would have to say I am probably obsessing a little tiny bit on this, but that is what I do best after all.

Until next time ...


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