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Friday, February 15, 2013

Its Friday, and I am Fried!

Hello again Internet People!  Its been a busy couple of days here at Mother's house, and it shows no sign of getting any less busy any time soon.  I am hard at work trying to draw up a design plan for my "Monumental" project, but I haven't gotten very far yet.  I have compiled lists of which flowers bloom when, and their relative sizes so that I can put them together more realistically .  I have decided upon making a basket of flowers, well actually, I think it is going to end up being several baskets, but I am starting with one.  The first one will be a basket of Spring flowers.  So far I have a daffodil,  a Lily, two tulips, two jonquils, some Lily-of-the-Valley, some wood sorrel, three primroses, and three of something else I can't remember the name of, cute little yellow flowers (not crocus, these are smaller than that).  I will shoot a picture of the design at some point to share with all of you, but I don't have time today.  I have been having some issues with trying to lay it all out since some of the flowers are 3-D they will sit atop of other things that are flat to the background.  So I have a lot of places where the lines are over top of each other and it looks like a freakin mess, but I am hoping I will be able to remember what goes where.  I should write it down somewhere, but I probably won't.

We took the kids to the Planetarium last night to watch a show.  That was a lot of fun!  I have never been to one before, so it was a great new experience for all of us.  Of course it cut into my design time so I didn't make very much progress yesterday.  And today looks to be even less productive.

Oh, I wanted to update you all on something else I said a few days ago.  I mentioned that I had learned that I was doing applique "wrong" all these years, well, I was wrong, again.  I found the old book that I used to learn from in the first place, and it shows it being done just the way I have been doing it.  I guess, like most things, everyone has their own way of doing things, and whatever works for you is probably as "right" as it needs to be.  I can see where the way I have been doing it would be better for something that is not going to be backed and quilted, but when the back doesn't show at all it is not so important for it to look good. 

Well, I need to get out of here and go help my husband for a few hours so I guess this is all I have time for today.  Hopefully things will calm down tomorrow and I will work on a better post for all of you when it does.  Until then, ...


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