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Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Pulse Check - Yep, Still Got One

Hello there Internet People!  I figured I better pop in over here and let you all know I am still alive.  Its been getting more and more difficult for me to tear myself away from my sewing to do much of anything else, to try to come up with something to type here for all of you has been a real challenge.  Not that I don't have a lot to say, I just don't want to spend the time typing it. I have been trying to figure out if I could work with one of those talk-to-text programs, so I could just talk while I am sewing and it would automatically turn into a Blog Post.  Since I don't have a private space in which to work I would have everyone in the house listening to every word I say.  I suppose that is not that big a deal, its not like I am hiding anything from anyone here, but I am still not comfortable with it, at all.  I really wish someone would figure out how to get my thoughts to turn to text without speaking or typing, that would be awesome!  

I am still enjoying the hell out of this hand sewing shit.  I have made over 50 of those teeny tiny yo-yos, and probably approaching a couple hundred little leaves (I did around 70 or so that are double-sided, and the rest I am hand basting the seam allowances), and I have the petals done for at least three flowers so far.  I still have no clue how I am going to put this all together, I just keep making parts in the hopes that I will eventually figure it out.

I have also still been doing a lot of reading and a lot of cleaning and re-organizing.  I sorted all of my threads this week, they are color coordinated and arranged by fiber content.  I am still fighting myself to keep from buying more.  I discovered that sewing with real silk threads is fucking awesome!  They are so silky and just fabulously wonderful to sew with and I have this overwhelming NEED to buy some in every color manufactured!  I am trying very hard to fight this.  So far I have only bought about 30 colors (that was all Joann's had in the store) of one brand, and 5 of another.  Then I fucking discovered it comes in different sizes too!  Damnit!  Seriously, this is not fair!  I NEED them all!

Okay, better change the subject, I am getting way too worked up and I might just go shopping if I don't.  So, anyway, I have been cleaning and re-organizing all of my art supplies, trying to get the stuff that I want to use in the near future into the house and the shit I have no intention of using out of the house.  I have been trying to make my world more user friendly for me, of course that means it becomes a little less user friendly to everyone else until I am done.  I have stacks and piles all over the bedroom again.  I had them all cleaned out once, but there are new ones there now.  I am still trying to figure out how and where to store some of it.  Like my big stencils, what the fuck do I do with them?  I took all the little ones (8 1/2" x 11" and smaller) and put then in page protectors so I can keep them in a big three-ring binder, which is completely full now, but the bigger ones are a pain.  I will probably just go hang them on a hook out in the sewing room again, I don't think I really need them in the house anyway.  

And that right there is probably one of my biggest issues when it comes to getting organized, trying to determine what really needs to be in the house and what doesn't.  I have an extreme attachment to all of my art supplies and I want them ALL within arms reach at a moments notice.  That is NOT even possible, but I seldom allow reality to interfere with my obsessions, why start now?  I will find a way to get the vast majority of it within easy reach, I always do, I am pretty fucking resourceful that way.  Its funny, I always say I could fill up a 10,000 sq foot warehouse and still feel cramped, but I have spent the vast majority of my life having all my art supplies crammed into less than 100 sq feet (sometimes way less than that!) and I have always managed to do just fine.  

Well, I NEED to get back to sewing, and it looks like I have some work that I will have to get done first, so I am going to sign off from here again and get busy.  I will work on doing better at posting more often again, maybe this idea of posting in the morning, Before I start sewing, might get me back here more often.  I'll let you know tomorrow if that works or not (If I don't post tomorrow, it didn't work).  

Until next time ...


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