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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Designing And Re-Designing

Hello again Internet People!  After some further research I have started over on my design plan.  It turns out that the wood sorrel that looked so cute in the bottom corner doesn't actually bloom until June.  And there were some other design flaws that I decided would be easier to correct if I just started from scratch.  Fortunately, for once in my life, I actually thought ahead on this project.  When I drew out the original basket I knew I would have more than a few false starts on this project, and as I said I may want to do more than one basket, so I just taped another piece of paper over the top and traced it thru.  So when I decided to change the design, I just took off the top piece of paper and rolled it up for later, and then taped a new piece down on top.  

This time I went thru my big flower book and marked all of the flowers that bloom from February thru April with an orange sticky bookmark, then went thru and made a new list of the flowers I thought I could reproduce.  Now I am trying to arrange them all in the basket.  It struck me yesterday that perhaps a class in flower arranging might have been a little less pointless than I had originally thought, but I think I am doing okay anyway.  I drew in a background lattice of what will be flowering branches (cherry, peach, and Mexican orange blossoms, along with a few sprigs of pussy willows), and started adding the flowers again last night.  I have an Amaryllis, a Grape Hyacinth, and two revised tulips along with the Lily of the Valley and those little yellow flowers I talked about yesterday (they are called Eranthis, or Winter Aconite, by the way) all put back in and I am working on redesigning the daffodil and jonquils to put them back in next.  I decided my original ones were way too big, so I am shrinking them to fit in with the scale of the other flowers.  I am sure the scale is going to be off for some of these, but I am trying my best to keep them all in line. 

It occurred to me yesterday that this would probably be a lot easier if I had waited a month or so to work out this design plan.  Then most of these damn flowers will be blooming in my own yard so that I could take better pictures and have models to work out the scale from.  This is one of the many drawbacks of my obsessions, I cannot wait.  Its okay though, I am having a grand time and that is the most important thing.  If I can manage to hang on to this obsession long enough to complete it I might just have a beautiful picture when I am done, and as long as I think it is beautiful, then it will all be worth while.          
At any rate I am not getting any further with my design while I am sitting here typing so I think I am going to sign outta here again and get back to work.  Have a great weekend!  Until next time ...

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