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Monday, February 18, 2013

Design Progress Report

Hello again Internet People!  Happy President's Day to those of you in the U.S.  And Happy whatever holiday it is today in Canada for anyone who happens to be there.  I know it is a holiday in Canada today, I just don't remember what it is about.  

I never did make it so far as to start sewing yesterday, but I think I will have better luck with that today.  After I logged outta here I started tracing templates onto fabric and then cutting them out.  I am still cutting.  All done tracing, for now, but lots more cutting out to do.  I also need to make more bias strips out of brown fabrics for the tree branches, I have plenty of green stems made, so of course I had to design a project which uses primarily brown ones.

I actually drew out a few extra flowers while I was at it.  I am thinking I might add a couple more Crocuses and another (smaller) Grape Hyacinth instead of moving the pansies to the left.  I have also decided to make the primrose flowers (the little heart shaped petal ones) 3-D and put a couple of leaves behind them.  I still have to figure out how to design a leaf pattern for the pansies, they have jagged edges on pointy spears, not the easiest thing to recreate in cotton fabric, but they will need some kind of greenery behind them and little skinny Daffodil leaves are not going to cut it.

So, now I am filling up dozens of little plastic containers and zip-lock baggies, separating all the different flower parts and pieces.  I tell you what, one of the neatest things I have found to use to keep myself organized are those little plastic tubs that they package lunch meat in.  I have dozens of the darn things and I NEED dozens more!  They are just the right size for so many damn things.  I have 6 of them filled with safety pins, for pinning quilts with, and I can usually pin two twin quilts, or one queen-sized quilt from each box.  

I have always been a re-user type of person, being poor kinda mandates that anyway, but I would be the same no matter how much money I had.  I am always trying to figure out ways to turn trash into treasures, not in the crafty, make a snowman out of a bleach jug way, but more in the creative, use the cottage cheese container lid as a paint mixing tray or for stencil plastic way.  A great percentage of my creative tools have been hijacked from their original intended purposes and re-imagined into something completely different.  I prefer them that way.

Well, if I am ever going to get to do any sewing again I better get outta here and get to work.  I am sure I will return again soon (hopefully tomorrow even) to beguile you all with more of my rambling nonsense, but until then ...


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