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Monday, February 11, 2013

Its Monday, Again ...

Hello again Internet People!  I spent the entire afternoon yesterday pressing and cutting and pressing some more.  I now have dozens of stems pre-pressed and ready for use.  Since I cut all of the bias strips from fat quarters all of my stems are pretty short pieces, I took the shortest ones and just folded those directly in half.  The longer ones I folded in from both sides, in thirds, like a commercial bias binding.  It turns out I have a real knack for folding bias binding, which came in real handy.  

I also pressed out all of the leaves and flower petals that I had completed so far and I cut up a whole bunch of other fat quarters of various colors to use for more flowers and flower petals.  I didn't do very much sewing yesterday, by the time I was done cutting and pressing I was in too much pain to concentrate for very long.  I did put together the petals for one flower, but that was as far as I got.   I think I need to design some more flowers that are not 3-dimensional to balance out the design, but I am still a long ways off from worrying about that.  I probably should try to come up with an actual design first.  Its times like these that I really wish I could fucking draw!  It would be so helpful to be able to sketch out a design plan to work from.  Oh well, I guess that would probably take some of the adventure out of the process anyway.

Oh, by the way, I just remembered, I misspoke the other day and I wanted to clear something up.  The whole eating issue thing, I said I gave up on the idea of eating every two hours because it was leading me to "obsess" over food.  That was the Wrong word!  The word I was looking for was "fixate".  I make this distinction for a reason.  To me, I have come to see my obsessions as a good thing, they are fun (when I can keep them under control).  Fixations are bad.  Fixations lead to depression and all sorts of bad thoughts and feelings.  I don't like fixations.  So, fixating on food is not a good thing for me, I spent so much energy trying to make sure I stuck to the schedule that I ended up actually eating less than I would have otherwise, and I felt worse about eating less.  That is not going to help, at all.  So, no more fixating, I just need to eat.  And on that note, I hit 98 pounds last night!  Yeah!  I am finally back to being the original "98 pound weakling" that was my claim to fame for so many years.

And now, to celebrate this minor accomplishment, I am going to go make some flowers.  I will talk at you all again next time.  Until then, ...


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