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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere!

Hello again Internet People!   Happy Wednesday! Yesterday ended up being a pretty productive day despite all of my efforts to the contrary, and I am hoping for more of the same today.  After a few hours of searching I managed to find some vintage Millinery books with flower making instructions, there are 5 total that I found that I would like to have, and one that I have managed to get so far.  I am pretty sure they are all in the public domain, now I just have to see where I can download them from without having to pay some ridiculous price.  If the original author is not being compensated I don't like to pay very much for a book.  I have no trouble paying a ridiculous price IF the author is getting their share, but I sell public domain books and I don't charge outrageous prices for them.  We even put massive collections together and sell them for way less than some of these folks are trying to get for each freakin book!  

So, I decided that if I can't get the old patterns for free, I will just have to make my own.  A few years back I bought a bunch of flower gardening books when I was going through that phase, and it turns out they are filled with pictures of flowers.  Who'da thunk?  And, not only do they have pictures, but they even have all the information on growth patterns and sizes and everything.  So, now I am re-thinking the design of this "Monumental" project I am working on.  My original thought had been a large basket of flowers, but I had given up on that idea, now I am reconsidering.  I mentioned before that I didn't want to have to think hard enough to make this a "realistic" picture, but maybe I do after all.  I want to see how "realistic" looking I can make at least some of the flowers.  Some of the ones I have already made are total fantasy flowers, they do not exist in nature, but I don't necessarily have to use those on the same project, nor do I have to make ALL of the flowers in this project be realistic, it is supposed to be art after all, right?

I will keep thinking on this.  Today I am working up a list of flowers that I think I can produce reasonable replicas of.  Once I figure out what I have to work with maybe I can work out a functional design plan.  I am starting to get to the point where I have enough parts and pieces to get started on the actual project so I really need to figure out what the hell the project is going to be!

Before I log outta here I did want to share one other little "duh" moment I had this week.  I have made no secret of the fact that I am fucking weird, so this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.  All of my life I have had this thing about threading needles.  I have always had to do it the hard way, there was something of a "pride" factor involved I think.  I was "proud" of the fact that I always threaded the needle myself, with no external aids.  Well, I got over that this week.  I went out and dug my little "Abe Lincoln" wire needle threader out of the sewing box it has sat in, unused, for the last 35 years, and I put it to work for me.  My gawd it makes life SO much easier!  I don't think I will ever attempt to thread another needle without one again.  Well, not by choice anyway.  So, the next time someone tells you that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, you can let them know that the dog can teach itself anything it wants to learn, at any age.  This old bitch has proven that to be true!

That's about all I have to offer you for today.  Until next time ...


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