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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finding Flowers for Mother

 Hello again Internet People!  I spent some time last night looking for tutorials for different fabric flowers and oh my gawd did I find the glory hole!  There is a wonderful woman on Pinterest who has pinned dozens upon dozens of them!  Guess where I will be spending the rest of my day? 

I never had a whole lot of interest in making these kind of things before.  Much like the yo-yo's, I thought fabric flowers were cute, but mostly pointless.  Now I am developing a new appreciation for them, especially in how I can use them in my art.  I found a book the other day when I was at Joann's buying that silk thread, it shows how to make the most beautiful fabric flowers using a set of special tools called flower irons.  Of course now I NEED all those tools, but I am trying to not go there.  I do have a tool which is similar, and has some similar attachments, so I can try some of the projects out without too much trouble, but it does not stop me from NEEDing the complete set.  At almost $200, I will do without it, but that doesn't stop me from NEEDing it either.  

So, anyway, now I am looking at all of the other ways people have developed for making pretty flowers out of fabric.  And my goodness there sure are a lot of them!  Now I just gotta get busy figuring out how to make them all, and figuring out just how the heck I am going to put them all together on this project.  I am a little concerned about the weight and stability of the finished piece.  Working with 3-dimensional applique is a lot different than flat work in the amount of support that will be needed to keep everything in place.  

I found the fabric I plan to use as the background, it is about 30" x 36", so it is rather large to start with.  I still haven't figured out how I am going to arrange all of the flowers, I am thinking along the lines of twisting, intertwined vines, rather like a Celtic knot design, with the flowers placed along the vines.  I am not going for realism, I don't want to think that hard.  This piece is supposed to be representative, not necessarily realistic, but I am still a ways off from being ready to place anything on a background so this may all change before I get to where ever it is I am going.

In the mean time I am going to go play with that lady on Pinterest and see about making me some more flowers to go with all of them leaves and yo-yo's I showed you yesterday. I hope all of you get to enjoy your day as much as I plan on enjoying mine!  Until next time ...



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