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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Here A Leaf, There A Leaf ...

Hello again Internet People!  I think I finally have all the background pieces laid out for the Monumental basket project.   Everything is pinned in place and the stems and branches have been trimmed to fit.  Now if I can just get my husband to build me a frame to hold it all I can get started sewing it all down.  

In order to make sure everything went on straight and stayed where it should be I wrapped the fabric around a couple pieces of foam core board and taped it snugly to the back.  I did all the sewing on the basket and the handle while it was taped to the boards.  I don't want to do the rest of it that way because it is a pain in the ass, so I did finally break down last night and ask my husband to build me a frame to work on.  

As ridiculous as it may be, I hate asking my husband for help with things like this.  I really shouldn't, he is usually pretty happy to help me with whatever I want to do, but he is so busy all the time and I hate to bother him.  I have been trying for almost two weeks to figure out how to make the frame myself without bothering him, but I don't have the parts to work with and I have no way to get them without his help.  So when he told me last night that he was headed for the hardware store today I took my chance and finally asked.

While I am waiting for my new frame to be built I still have plenty of flowers to put together so they will be ready to apply when I get that far.  The flowers all go on top so they are the last things to be applied.                                                                   
Anyway, here are a couple of pictures.  They are the same view, but the first one has a light shining directly on it which washed out the colors of the leaves, but it is more true to the color of the background.  In the second picture the background is washed out and the leaves are a little more true to their colors, still kinda washed out, but not as bad..                                      

The skinny dark green stems that are on top of everything, they are for the Crocuses and the Grape Hyacinth, I will pull them back off when I start sewing and put them on last, just before the flower heads go on, and they will be trimmed down to fit when I get that far. 

For now, I think I have finally figured out how I can assemble the rest of flowers before attaching them to the background, so I am going to go work on that for a while and see how it works.  If I am successful I will have more pictures to share tomorrow.  If I am not successful, I will come back tomorrow and cry.  I am probably kidding on that last part.

Until next time ...                 

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