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Monday, September 23, 2013

Animal "Lovers" and the Neighbors from Hell

Hello again Internet People!  Mother is going to deviate from the process of introspection today.  Instead of rooting through my head looking for things to improve, today we are looking out side, to other people, and some things they need to improve.  

Today's topic of choice is the faux "animal lovers".  People who claim to love animals, but then treat them like crap. I fucking cannot stand those people.  We have neighbors who do not see any problem with allowing their dogs to run free through the neighborhood any time they want.  These people claim to love their dogs, but they refuse to protect them?  We have lunatics driving down our residential street at 50 mph every damn day, and you think it is no big deal that your dog is wandering the street?  You are a moron and should not be allowed to own any animals.  I don't even let my kids play in the street here, I certainly won't let my dog!  We have lived here for over 6 years, and have Never had one of our dogs get out of the yard, because we make sure to keep them in the yard.  How freakin hard is that people?

And these people who have "outdoor only" pets, what the hell is that?  I don't get that.  My pets are my family, if I was to keep one of my kids outside all the time, I wouldn't have them very long.  Nor should I.  The same should go for pets.  The asswipe neighbors next door currently have two dogs that have never seen the inside of their house.  They are outside, barking, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The yard they are confined to is filled with garbage and toxic rubbish, but yet, somehow, when one of these poor critters gets ill, they immediately assume we have poisoned them!  What the fuck is that?  Oh, I know what that is, its your confession!

I told you all to remind me to tell you about these people someday, I think I will digress from my original point for a moment and tell you a tale you will not want to believe.

When we first rented this place, six years ago, it was a mess, and we agreed to clean it up ourselves before we moved in.  The first day we were here the neighbor's automatic sprinklers came on and they were blasting water straight into our bedroom window and across the entire front entrance to the house!  My husband asked the kids that were playing in the yard if they could either turn off the sprinklers or go get their parents.  The kids ignored him as if they couldn't hear him.  So he asked again, a little louder, and again, a little louder.  The kids are still ignoring him like he is not even there.  Suddenly a truck comes screaming down the street and screeches to a halt in their driveway.  This 6'2" muscle bound neanderthal with a shaved head jumps out of the truck and runs screaming towards the fence.

"Don't you ever fucking talk to my kids again!  I am gonna kick your fucking ass!"  Is what he started out screaming.  I don't remember all of it, but it was explicit and threatening and it went on and on for several minutes.  My husband tried to calm him down telling him he was just asking them to get a parent to turn off the sprinklers that are still blasting water right into our house.  So the guy tells us we should be grateful for the free water, and repeats his threats about talking to his kids and kicking my husband's ass.  The moment he arrived I had gathered up the boys and herded them to the other side of the yard to try to shield them from the insanity that was playing out.  My husband eventually managed to calm the moron down and found a board to put in front of the fence to block the water from coming onto our side.  We thought the whole incident was over.  Boy were we wrong.

For six years these people have done everything in their power to make life a living hell for us, and everyone else in the neighborhood.   There was the time he parked his car on the front lawn with the doors open and the stereo playing one song, on repeat, at full volume, for 7 straight hours!  It was shaking the windows on the other side of our house!  And when we had the audacity to call the cops, the wife of the moron decided that yelling obscenities at my husband and our then 8 year old son in front of the police officers was absolutely necessary to her defense.  And then they got really mad at us when the police officer who she had yelled all this stuff in front of, happened to catch them driving down the street an hour later and took them both to jail for drunk driving and resisting arrest.

They were so mad at us for all of this, they tried to get a restraining order against us!  Yep, let that sink in for a minute.  They have initiated every confrontation that has ever occurred, we have never done anything but ask them repeatedly to just leave us alone, but they try to get a restraining order against us!  Of course it was thrown out and the judge told them again, to leave us the fuck alone.  But they didn't.

The first thing we did when we moved in here was put up a solid wooden fence between our yard and theirs.  There is a chain link fence already separating the yards, we put the wood fence on our side of that, sitting on a concrete curb that runs the length of the property.  We did this after I watched the little girls from next door calling my blind dog over to the fence so they could hit him with a stick.  Once they couldn't poke things through the fence they started throwing them over.  I cannot tell you the number of rocks and sticks and pellets (from a pellet gun) and cereal bowls and golf balls and other assorted objects that have mysteriously appeared in our yard along that fence line over the last six years.  Nothing ever magically appears along any other part of the property, just the side adjacent to them.

Of course, since we put up a wooden privacy fence that blocks the view between the properties they decided that it must be because we want to pay attention to them all the time.  At one point we actually had the police show up at our house telling us we were going to have to remove the "listening device" that was mounted to the side of our house.  We were a little confused.  What "listening device"?  We don't have any "listening device", what they heck are you talking about?

It turns out the neighbors had made several complaints that we were "listening to and recording their conversations with a device mounted next to our kitchen window."  We invited the officer in and showed him the "device" in question.  It was a THERMOMETER!  And it had been on the house for years before we even moved in!

I am not sure what these people are doing over there that they think we would be so interested in them (Meth, maybe?), but we have been doing our level best to forget they are there for years, why the hell would I want to listen to them?  The whole issue is I DON'T want to hear you, or see you, or have anything to do with you!  Why can they not get this through their little thick skulls?  Again, I have to say its got to be Meth, nothing else makes people that damn paranoid!

During the weeks leading up to their ridiculous request for a restraining order one of our dogs died suddenly (not the blind one, the other one we had at the same time).  She was over 12 years old, and a large dog, so we weren't certain exactly what happened.  My husband suspected that the neighbors had poisoned her, but we had no way to prove it, and I just could not believe any body would do something like that.  A few months later the blind dog suddenly started have terrible spasms of pain and losing control of his motor functions.  His suffering was so intense we had to take him to the vet and have him put to sleep.  The vet asked if there was any possibility he had gotten into some rat poison, but we knew that was not possible.  Now, I am not so sure.  Once they called the police to accuse us of poisoning their dogs, I knew for certain that they were actually confessing to killing ours, and laughing about it.  I still can't prove it, but I have zero doubt.  By the way, our new dog, Jack, is not allowed near that fence line, we re-fenced the whole back yard solely for the purpose of protecting him from them.  Now I am really, really glad we did.  What kind of sick people could poison a defenseless animal just because they don't like its owner?  That is beyond fucked up!  All I can think of is how I wish I could protect their poor animals, from them, I would never dream of hurting one of them!  That is just sick!  

Speaking of sick.  Another of their wonderful little games was to set a bar-b-que right next to our fence and proceed to "cook" the foulest, most wretchedly disgusting smelling substance known to mankind from around 10 am everyday until midnight.  We could not even go outside, or open the windows on our house for days!  The entire neighborhood smelled like someone was deliberately burning a fucking sess pool of human filth.  Then they took it a step further and put a fan next to the bar-b-que to intentionally blow the smell towards us!  When the police finally arrived they said they were "cooking burritoes" for their kids.  Yeah, I want to see you eat that shit.  The police told them to knock it off.  They didn't.

We did finally find a way to put an end to most of their nonsense.  The last time they had the bar-b-que on, my husband went out there with his video camera, and recorded the entire scene.  When the moron came screaming at him asking "what the fuck do you think you are doing looking over my fence?!" he simply said he was "documenting evidence for the lawsuit".  That shut them up for two years.  And all he had to do was remind them of that this time, and we haven't heard a word since. 
By the way, when we were in court over the restraining order, this woman makes a deliberate point of telling the judge that she "loves animals" and regularly makes donations to PETA.  It had absolutely no relevance to the case, or what was being discussed at the time, but she had to make sure that got thrown in there.  Yeah right, lady.  Sick and fucking twisted is what you are, NOT a fucking animal lover.  They have had more than a dozen different dogs since we have lived here, none of them lasting longer than 6 months before they disappeared.  That sounds like an true animal lover, doesn't it?  NOT.

And that was what I started out talking about after all.  The sick fuckers who claim to be animal lovers and then do shit like these people.  It is way beyond time we have a national freakin register for animal abusers!  If you cannot take care of an animal you should not freakin own one!  And if you ever hurt any animal you should NEVER be allowed to own one, ever again!  And that especially applies to that stupid disgusting quarterback that should never have been allowed to play in the NFL or anywhere else as far as I am concerned.  He should still be rotting in jail where he belongs!  And he has the nerve to complain that he isn't allowed to have dogs for his kids?  Dude you shouldn't even be allowed to have kids!  Sick mutherfucker.  

Sorry, but that one really chaps my ass. And if you don't know what I am talking about, consider yourself a very fortunate human being.  I wish I didn't know about it.  It still pisses me off to no end, in case you hadn't noticed.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me vent.  I am just so tired of people refusing to take care of the animals they claim to care about.  I get that they are too selfish to care about how badly they have "inconvenienced" the neighbors by allowing their animals to run free and kill other people's pets (and yes, we have one of those too).  I get that they don't care that their animal might hurt someone else.  I do not get how they can claim to care about that dog and not even try to keep it safe!  Selfishness is one thing, they are just fucking stupid.  Too damn stupid to be owning a dog!   Now, before anybody gets bent out of shape, I am not talking about a case of a once in a while, accidental thing where the dog escapes and you do everything in your power to get it back as quickly as possible.  I am talking about people who continuously allow their animals to run loose without making any effort to control them, unless it is really convenient.  The cat killing dog has a three foot fence around its yard, there is an area in the yard with an 8 foot fence, but she is not confined to that area.  She is just allowed to jump the fence and leave whenever she wants, and no effort has been made to stop her.  At least 4 cats have died because one jerk refuses to control his dog.  This pisses me off!  Especially when he says that other people shouldn't let their cats go outside if they don't want them killed!  Every one of the cats was murdered in its OWN yard!  By his dog who was NOT in his OWN yard.  But somehow it is the cat owner's fault?  Fuck you jackass.  Those are the people I am venting about.  Is that clear enough?  Everybody okay now?

I love animals, all animals, even the tasty ones.  I am not ever going to contribute to an organization like PETA, because I think those people take things way too freakin far.  But I do believe that it is out duty as human beings to treat animals with love and care whether they are our friends or our food.  I am just tired of a world where people think it is okay to be cruel because they can get away with it.  How about we try being kind, because we are capable of kindness?  Human beings are designed to give and receive love, could we just try doing that for a while?  Life would be a lot more fun for everybody if people could just try to truly Love! 

Until Next Time ...     


  1. Darkest blackest pox against those hell-trash! I truly hope that, if they are meth heads, they aren't brewing anything at home. That would mean that you're living next to a toxic waste dump (literally). Should that ever come out the value of your house would plummet.

  2. Would be a good way to get rid of them once and for all though.