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Thursday, September 12, 2013

More Vague Details

Hello, hello, hello!  And how are my favorite people of the interwebs today?  Mother is doing well.  I have been keeping busy digging weeds out of the flower beds, and designing my new world.  Yes, I think I am getting a little obsessive, on both projects, but work is progressing nicely.  Last night I sat down and drew out floor plans for the various styles of housing units that will be available so that I could get a better visual perspective on how everything is going to fit together.  That was definitely helpful.  

I realized earlier today that this project is what I have been preparing for my whole life. One of my favorite Professors at college once questioned my eclectic academic studies, he had never had a student with such a diverse transcript.  He told me, "I have no idea how you are going to put all these things together to make a career, but I know that if anyone can do it, it will be you."  

At the time I didn't really know yet either, but now I do.  Having a background understanding of all of the social sciences, along with most of the physical sciences, is proving to be an enormous asset in trying to create a new world.  Understanding our history and how we got to where we are gives me a starting point on what not to do with my world.  Physics, Geology, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Environmental Science, Botany, and even English, are all proving to be invaluable resources in the design process of a whole new planet. I am sure there are a few more subjects that I am using and not even thinking about.  Like math, I use that a lot without thinking about it.  

Okay, so now I have the cities and all the housing units basically laid out, and a few of the characters are starting to come to life.  I even found a plot line that I think will make it interesting.  That was the hardest part I think.  Developing a nearly perfect world is one thing, finding an interesting story to tell about that world is quite another.  In a world designed to eliminate antagonists, and most of the plot lines our world is famous for, how do you write a compelling story that others might want to read someday?  

I know, I am being all vague and shit again, but I have to be at this point.  If I give away any of the details someone is bound to come along and steal my idea out from under me.  Not that any of you would do that, but this Blog is publicly accessible, which means anybody can come here and take my stuff and there really ain't much I could do about it.  Not like I have the money to fight over it.  So, I am being vague.  If somebody wants to steal my ideas they are going to have to put their own work into developing them.  I have no interest in making it easy.

I promise, when this is all put together and ready for release into the world, you all will be the first to know.  Then I will be able to give you all of the details that I can only hint at now.  But that is going to be a while, so be patient.  I am typing as fast as I can!

Until Next Time ...                       

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