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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tired of The Stupid

Hello, hello, hello!  And how are my favorite Internet People today?  Mother is doing well, thank you for asking.  Now that we have the formalities out of the way, what shall we talk about today?  No, seriously, I have no clue.  

I tried looking through my Newsfeed on Facebook for an idea, but as usual, that just pissed me off.   The sheer stupidity of people is just overwhelming these days.  I actually read a comment where some guy said, and I quote "Conservatives are the problem solvers."  Seriously?  Are you really that fucking stupid?  What the fuck "problem" has any Conservative ever solved?  Name me one.  They create problems, they do not solve them!  And before you go freakin out on me, I ain't really that fond of many of the "Liberals" either.  I may occasionally refer to myself as being of a Liberal mindset, but I don't like fanaticism on any level. 

This same guy was claiming that food stamps and aid to the poor are what CAUSE poverty.  No, sorry dumbass, starvation wages cause poverty.  Greedy bastards hoarding all the money cause poverty.  Helping people does NOT make them poor!  I am so fucking sick of that bullshit.

You want to end food stamps and assistance to the poor?  I could cut it by 90% or more in less than 20 years, without hurting anyone.  You start out by raising the minimum wage.  And not to $11 an hour, that is just stupid.  It should have been $11 an hour 20 years ago, now it needs to be closer to $20 an hour.  And everyone gets full-time hours, period, there is no more of this bullshit of holding people hostage to underpaid jobs with uncertain hours.  And along with the minimum wage, we need a freakin Maximum wage!  No more paying yourself millions while screwing over the people doing the actual work.

  Next, we provide FREE quality education for EVERYONE!  You shouldn't have to go into debt up to your eyeballs just to get a freakin education!  That is insane!  And we can get rid of Obama-care, because we need to replace it with FREE Universal health care, for everyone. Oh, and put the fucking taxes on those rich bastards back to where they belong, like 75-90% tax rates on the uber rich.  They are NOT trickling anything down, we need to fucking take the shit back.

If we would do just those simple things, we could virtually eliminate poverty in less than a generation. Don't tell me it can't be done because no body has actually ever really tried it.  Some countries might claim parts of my plan as their own, but no one has ever given the little people power over their own lives before.  The greedy rich bastards don't want anyone else to have any power, and for some damn reason we keep capitulating to them.  That shit needs to stop.  NOW!

I have told you all before I have spent the better part of my adult life receiving some sort of assistance from the government.  Never wanted any of it, but I was given no choice.  Universal health care would have eliminated my need for at least 70% of the assistance I have received, and a free quality education and the possibility of a living wage job would have eliminated the rest of it.  Yes, it would be awesome if we could quit giving people handouts, but if we aren't willing to give them a hand up, then we don't really have a lot of other choices.  People have to survive, and they will do whatever it takes to do so.  Cut the assistance to someone who has no other alternatives and you will pay for it mightily.  When you give them no choice but to steal, that's what they are going to do.  And now you are going to have 50% of the country in prison?  Who the hell do you folks think is paying for that?  It costs a minimum of 4 times as much to support someone in prison as it did to support their whole damn family on assistance!  Talk about being penny wise and pound foolish, these people are freakin insane!

Dang, its a good thing I never found something to talk about today!  Can you imagine how pissed off I would be if I did?  Sorry about that, I just don't have any patience for short-sighted non-thinking people any more.  I get the non-caring bit, it is getting harder for me to care every damn day, but the non-thinking, that I will never understand.  And they talk about poor people being "lazy"!  All the lazy thinking in this country is the real problem!  Plug in a damn brain cell people, this is getting ridiculous.

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