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Saturday, September 14, 2013

How to Not Care What Other People Think

Hello again Internet People, I know, its soon for another post but I have something I want to address.  And I think it is too important to wait.  Somebody on Facebook asked the question, "How do you get to the point where you don't care what other people think about you?" in response to my earlier Post today.  

Good question!  I am gonna let you all in on a little secret, that you have to promise to share with everyone you know. You have to learn to accept, and embrace, your superiority to everyone else in the world.  That's what I do anyway.  I am smarter, prettier, more loving, more giving, and just plain more wonderful than anyone else on the planet, and if other people can't see this, it is their loss.  Now, don't get me wrong here, I am not saying that I think I am better than you, or any body else, I am saying that I know I am.  And you should know that YOU are too.

Now, there is a certain responsibility that comes with this knowledge, and I try really hard to always keep that in mind.  Being better than everybody else does not mean that you can dictate their lives, force your beliefs upon others, or belittle people for not being as good as you (unless they ask for it), it means the exact opposite.  It means trying to bring everyone else up to your level, not putting them down.  It means helping people, all people, to be better, for themselves, not for you, or for what you can get from them.  

Its like being a parent.  You, as the parent, are superior to your child.  You know more than they do, have more experience than they do, etc.  Your job as a parent is to try to help your children to become even better than you, to have a better life than you, not to keep them in their place, or to ensure their lifelong misery.  You want your kids to have access to everything good the world has to offer, all the time, no matter what it might take from you.  That's what I have always wanted for my kids, maybe I am doing it wrong, but I don't think so.

Its funny, if I was a man, people would probably say that I am self-confident and strong, but because I am a woman, I am uppity, rude, and bitchy.  You know what, I am self-confident (most of the time), and I know that I am the strongest person I have ever met, and I refuse to let the petty jealousy of other people take that away from me anymore.

Maybe that's the ticket.  Finally reaching the point where you are just fed up with listening to people, who have no real relevance in your life, tell you how wrong you are for being you, and you realize that you have absolutely no respect for those people, or what they believe, because they are just plain stupid, so why the hell should you care what they think of you.  

That's where I am.  All my life, of the people who have sought to insult or shame me for being who I chose to be, there was not a single one of them who is deserving of my respect, or any one else's for that matter.  If you have to insult or shame people to make yourself feel better, I can only feel sorry for you, I certainly cannot care what you have to say, about anything.

To be clear, its not someone's negative opinion of me that makes them undeserving of respect.  Its just that the only people who seem to feel the need to insult people for just being different always seem to be the same ones I couldn't respect anyway.  Hypocrites, con-artists, bullies, scammers, and misogynists all seem to dislike me.  Why should I care about their opinions on anything?

If you are unable, or unwilling, to accept your superiority, and I know our culture has made that extremely difficult for most people to do, especially women, then I have one more suggestion that you can try.  The next time someone voices their opinion of you, ask yourself, "do I need to care what this person thinks of me?"  Unless they live in your house and pay your bills, the answer is probably no.  Ask yourself what relevance that person really has in your day to day life, and how much of your power over your life are you willing to relinquish to them?  Brings a whole new perspective now doesn't it?  That's what you are doing you know, by letting other people's opinions matter to you, you are giving them power over your life.  Is that person someone you really want having power over your life?  Or anyone else's life for that matter?  Probably not.  

You might also consider reminding yourself that most of the most brilliant people in the world have been mocked and laughed at, until they weren't.  And there are some people out there who still mock them to this day, even after the rest of the world has acknowledged their genius.

I figure that if somebody out there can build a "Creationist Museum" and proclaim that dinosaurs lived along side humans, and they don't have to care how much the rest of the world is laughing at them, why should I care if they are laughing at me?  You know as well as I do that there are some seriously stupid people out there, if they can walk around with their heads held high, so can you!  Just look at our Congress, they have a lower approval rating than herpes, but they don't care.  Now if anybody should care about what people think about them you would think it would be our elected representatives, since their jobs are supposed to depend on it, but they don't even bat an eyelash at the lowest approval rating in history.  I don't care how badly you may think you have fucked up your life, there is no way you are a worse person than those cretins, it is simply not possible because if you were a bad person you wouldn't be reading my Blog.  So there.  

Now you have no excuse any more to give a crap what anybody else thinks about you.  Go out into the world my friends and spread the wisdom of the Mother.  You are freakin awesome!  Own it!

Until next Time ...   


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