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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fighting A Fabric Phobia

Hello again Internet People!  You can call off the rescue teams, I made it out alive.  I am still not done yet, but I made some incredible progress yesterday.  The fabrics look so pretty filling up all those shelves.  And they did fill all the shelves.  There is still a whole bunch that won't fit too, but I am working on alternative storage plans for those. 

 I actually even broke down and put all of my batik fabrics on the shelves.  I have kept them separate until now.  I have a mental block against using batik fabrics with regular commercial cottons, I don't know why, but for some odd reason I just don't want to put them together, ever.  Either in a quilt or in storage.  I am trying to get over this because it is just plain silly, so I mixed them together on the shelves.  Hopefully that will help.  My hand dyed fabrics are still separate but they are mostly much smaller pieces so they would get lost if I put them on the shelves.  

Even though all the shelves are filled, somehow I do not have enough fabric.  Yesterday I think I failed to mention yet another problem that I am having with this whole reorganizing of the fabric thing.  I still have a whole bunch of fabric listed for sale on eBay.  Now I am fighting to keep myself from cancelling all those listings and putting that fabric back into my stash as well!  Just a little advance warning on this one, I am going to lose this fight.  I already know that anything that hasn't sold in the next day or two is going to find its way into those shelves.  It is only a matter of when.

I don't think I will be doing much today.  The pinched nerve in my neck has decided that this would be a good day to just relax and watch some videos online, or maybe take a nap.  It has vetoed the possibility of any physical activity for the foreseeable future and there are not nearly enough votes around here to override that veto.  I was barely able to muster the support needed to get me here to write this Blog post, I am not pushing my luck beyond that. 

Until next time ...

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