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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fixating On What Isn't There

Hello again Internet People! At the moment I am unable to access any of you because I have no Internet. Hopefully that will be fixed by the time I finish this post so that I can publish it at some point. There are few things that screw up my mornings as much as not having Internet access. How the hell do I start my day without checking my email and Facebook? What the fuck did I do to get going in the mornings before the Internet? Its been so long I can't remember! I really don't care that much about my email or Facebook, its the loss of routine that fucks with me. I have a set plan of action that I follow religiously every morning, when something messes with that plan it messes with my whole day. I am adaptable, I can cope with the disruption, but I don't have to like it.

I don't know about normal people, but whenever the Internet is down at my house I cannot seem to find anything to do that does not involve the Internet. When it is up and running I can ignore it pretty well, but when it is gone, I am lost. I have been sitting here for two hours trying to figure out what I can do, and every option that comes to mind involves using the Internet. Which is really ridiculous when you consider that I have a list of things to do about half a mile long, NONE of which require the Internet, but this is apparently how my brain works. I do the same thing with everything. When the water is off all I can think of doing are things that require water. When the power is off, everything requires power. Considering that I lived for three years without running water or electricity, and didn't know what the Internet was 20 years ago, these fixations are a little beyond silly, there are just rather irritating.

I guess I better just get dressed and get to work at packing up the sewing room. That doesn't require any Internet, and it really needs to get done. I think I am in the home stretch out there now, I should have it all packed and semi-organized in another day or two.  The hardest part has been finding spaces inside the house to put all the stuff that I want to keep inside the house.  Once I have the space in the garage I can move a bunch of stuff out of the house, to make more room in here, but until then our house is going to look like an episode of "Hoarders", again.  Fortunately my darling husband knows that I am doing all of this for his benefit in the long run, so he is trying really hard to be patient with my mess.  That is no easy feat considering I create these messes on a regular basis and most of the time he gets no benefit from it whatsoever.

YEAH!  The Internet is back!  Now I can publish this post when I finish it.  And since I have pretty much run out of shit to say today, I guess I might as well call this finished.  I will be back again another day to beguile all of you with my wit and wisdom.  Until then ...


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