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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Learning New Stuff

Hello again Internet People!  I hope everyone had a good "Holiday" weekend (I know it was not a holiday for everyone).  I spent a major part of my weekend taking classes online.  Have you all ever heard of Craftsy?  You probably have since I noticed they have had ads on my Blog recently, but for those who haven't taken the time to check them out, I would suggest you do so.  It is an interesting new platform where crafters of all kinds can get together and share patterns, classes, and more.  I signed up a few months ago with the idea of listing my Counted Cross Stitch Patterns for sale, (which I have started doing, but not finished) but I recently started exploring what other people have to offer and I must say I am impressed.

I have been taking Art Quilting Classes from an instructor named Wendy Butler Berns and while much of the information was a review of things I already knew, there was a lot of new information also and more inspiration than I thought could possibly be crammed into any online format.  And, most importantly, I now know how I am going to put together those abstract quilt patterns I showed you all the other day!  It is a fairly simple process, but to me it is pure genius! 

This is the first time I have ever actually taken classes related to sewing, online or other wise.  I have mentioned before that I am entirely self taught.  Every thing I know I learned either from reading books or from watching other people and then just trying it myself until I worked it out.  Most of the classes that I have seen offered that interested me were always way too expensive.  Even the two classes I just took would have normally been out of my budget, but I caught them on sale (one was free!).  They have great sales and promotions at Craftsy, usually about once a month.

So, while I did not accomplish a whole lot of productivity this weekend, I did learn a whole bunch of new stuff and I am filled with new inspiration and determination.  Now I just have to go out and finish putting the "storage room" back in order so that I can find the rest of my fabrics and supplies.  I am thinking to take my fabrics out of the huge plastic tubs they are currently in and placing them on the book shelves I just emptied.  It would make them far more accessible and visible.  I was thinking to just put a blanket over the front of the shelves to protect the fabric from dust.  I don't think I can get all of it onto the shelves, but a good percentage of it will fit, and not having to move those heavy tubs around every time I want to look for a piece of fabric would be a real back saver!  Those suckers get freakin heavy!

I think today would be a real good day to go out there and play with fabric, so I am going to sign out of here and get to it.  Until next time:

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