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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Recognizing My Destiny

Hello again Internet People!  Well, hopefully the third times the charm.  I have been here the last two mornings trying to write a Blog post for all of you, but I kept getting interrupted by life and nothing got written.  I am hoping today will be better. 

I haven't accomplished much, besides housework, since the last time I did write.  I have been playing around with that drawing thing and I have produced a couple of pieces that are kinda cool, I will scan them in later to show you all.  I do have to admit, once again, that sometimes I am really slow on the uptake of certain things, and this turns out to be one of those things.

I mentioned a few days ago that I had this nagging need to create some abstract type art with my fabrics, but that I didn't know how to go about doing that since I have no background in abstract art.  Dumbass.  Those drawings that I have been making for decades, they ARE abstract art!  I have been creating abstract art since I was a teenager, but no one ever called it art, at least not to me.  I was looking at the drawings I have been doing recently and most of them would make awesome patterns for abstract art quilts.  As I started thinking more and more about it, it turns out that the vast majority of the pen and paper art I have ever created has been a step in my quilt making journey.  Long before I ever realized I was a quilter I was working towards becoming one.  And its kinda funny that all the people who gave me a hard time about wasting my time on that pen and paper art when I was younger, are the ones who most appreciate my adventures in quilting now.  I do still have to figure out how to wrap my head around the construction process for some of these pieces, but I have a starting point now and I am really looking forward to trying these out.    

Unfortunately that is going to have to wait until after I get the sewing room packed up.  If I start another creative project before I get that done I think I will drive my husband over the edge.  He is very understanding and accommodating towards my creative endeavors, but even the most patient person in the world has their limits, and patience is not one of his strong suits to start with.  

So today I am going to go out and do some more packing.  I think I can get most of it done in another couple of days or so.  Then we just have to wait for the storm system that is currently hanging out overhead to move on so that we can move everything outside for a few days without destroying it.  Hopefully by this time next week it will all be done and over with, and I can go back to just screwing around most of the time.  Hahaha.                          
Right now I need to go do the dishes and get ready to wrap the mail, so I better sign outta here and get to work or I will never get anything done today.  Until next time ...  

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