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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday's Progress Report

 Hello again Internet People!  Apparently technology has decided to work against me today.  I have already lost this entire post once, and had a hell of a time getting the whole damn system to work again afterwards.  This was after I lost the main external hard drive on my other computer this morning.  The drive that has ALL of my files for my Business, and ALL of the family picture files on it.  I do have redundant backups of most of those files on several other drives (I have been through this before), but the backup of the pictures is at least a year old, so everything I have shot in the last year was lost to limbo.  

Fortunately, as I have mentioned before, I am married to a computer genius.  He not only resuscitated the ailing drive, but also recovered all of my lost files, all in less than ten minutes!  He is my hero!  And yes, I am in the process of copying all the files to other drives, again.

I did manage to get out to the "sewing room" yesterday for a couple of hours.  If you didn't see how it looked when I started you wouldn't be able to tell I had done a damn thing, but I know I got a LOT done.  It still looks like an episode from "Hoarders", (minus the garbage and rotten food stuffs - that shit I do not understand) but the pathway between the piles of boxes is wider, and there are a couple of clean spots on my tables, so progress is being made.  

Speaking of progress, I promised you all some pictures today of the progress I have made on the "Monumental" basket, so here they are:                              

Keep in mind that the only flowers that are actually sewn down at this point are the two tulips, and the big pink flower (Amaryllis), everything else in just lying on top somewhere near where it will eventually be sewn down. The flowers for the Lily of the Valley are just attached by their stems at this point, I still have to sew each of them down.  I wanted to see how they were going to look, so I just did a few to test my layout.    

I also took a couple of close-up shots of the embroidered flowers because I think they are freakin awesome and I wanted to share their awesomeness with all of you.  So here are the two that I have finished:

I still have to clip and turn under the edges, but I think they will work perfectly.  I am so very pleased with them, especially the Pansy with the beads, it is just so damn cute!

I still have no clue what I am going to do today, I guess I better go eat something for breakfast and start figuring it out.  No heavy lifting work for me today, I have been burning too many calories for my intake, so I am going to try to not do anything strenuous today.  I guess I'll get back to stitching so I will have more pretty things to take picture of for you all in the future.

Until next time ...


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