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Monday, May 6, 2013

To Dye Or Not To Dye

Hello again Lovely Internet People!  I had a grand time outside cleaning the flower beds yesterday, and I managed to finish a whole 10 feet out of the 100 feet that need to be done.  I only put in about 2 hours, by the end of that time my fingers were too sore to continue.  That is the other thing about our "salt grass", it plays hell on my hands.  And just to show you that I was not exaggerating about the percentage of weeds which are salt grass, in the ten feet of bed that I did clean, there were a grand total of 4 other weeds, not 4 types of weeds, 4 actual weeds.  Two of those were trees, the other two were clover, and that was it.  The rest was all salt grass.

I spent the rest of the day stitching on a Pansy, inside the house.  I am on the last color, and should be finished with this one in another hour or so.  Tomorrow (or whenever I post next) I will try to get some pictures taken for you all so you can see how adorable everything is turning out!  I also managed to get my new bolt of fabric all washed out last night, so it is now ready for dyeing.  Now I get to fight myself every day over whether I am going to get more work done, or play with my dye stuffs.  Anybody want to lay odds on how long I last before I start mixing up colors?  

I do need to go out and clean out the "sewing room" before I start playing with dye though.  I put the name in quotations marks because it is more of a storage room than anything else these days.  A very messy storage room.  

Around October or November every year I start piling stuff I don't want inside the house, out in that room.  All winter long I continue hauling stuff out there and just dropping it wherever there is an empty space.  I can't even get to most of my dye stuffs at this point, they are deeply buried under the last 6 months.  So, I have to go out there and clean it all up before I can do much of anything else.  And since I managed to get myself a little sunburned yesterday, I am thinking I might go out and get started cleaning up that room today.  Maybe.           
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