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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Packing Up And Moving Around

Hello again Internet People!  Mother is all wrapped up in yet another project that is going to take most of my energy and a lot of my time over the next few days.  I mentioned before that I was cleaning up the "sewing room" with the intention of turning it into a much more organized storage room.  Well, my plans have been changed yet again.  Now I am cleaning everything out of the room for my husband to use it for his new hobby instead.  So I am packing everything up, and trying to keep it all organized so I can still find the things I need when I need them.

If I had a place to put everything during the moving process it would probably make things easier, but the only place I have to put everything is outside.  And of course now they tell me it is going to rain off and on for the next week.  So I am packing and stacking boxes inside the room until I can't turn around, then we will move them out all at once and hopefully they won't have to stay out there very long.

I know yesterday's Blog post was about how I am searching for a better creative space and today I am giving up the one good space I had, but I don't really like working out there anyway.  The move will give me additional storage space in the garage, which will allow me to move more crap out of the house to make room in here for my space, and it may allow me some work space within the garage as well which could be handy for some of my messier projects.  

Well, I guess I better sign out of here and get to work if I am ever going to get that room packed up.  That shit won't pack itself, unfortunately.  Until next time ...                        

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