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Friday, May 31, 2013

Working On Getting Back To Working

Hello again Internet People!   It is a lovely day here at Mother's house and I am looking forward to enjoying it very much.  Today I am going to try to finish dealing with the fabrics and start organizing the stacks of boxes in the "storage room".  I think I will need to section off the room so that I can put all of one kind of thing in one section and not have it all spread all over the place.  Unfortunately I need more sections than the room has space for, but I will find a way to make it work.  I always do.  

I am an expert packer.  I learned through necessity.  I have always contended with having more stuff than space, in more ways than one.  When I was single, after my divorce, I was living alone with three young children and no car.  I had to pack the groceries home on foot.  All of them.  I would exit the store with a shopping cart filled with sacks of groceries and I would find a way to shove it all into my back pack and a couple of bags to carry in each hand. I did that for over a year and a half.  Milk was the bitch, that shit is heavy and those damn kids drink a shitload of it!  But I digress.  My point was that I know how to put a lot of stuff into a limited space and make it all fit.                                 
 I did start cutting pieces for a new project last night.  (Sshhh, don't tell my husband!)  As I was drawing and doodling last week I came up with a design done in circles that I wanted to try to reproduce on fabric.  I am using fabric yo-yo's to create the circles, so I traced out a few dozen circles of various sizes onto several different fabrics last night and started cutting them out.  I still have a whole bunch of the tiny ones left from the last time I made yo-yo's so I can use those as well, but I wanted a few larger ones and some that are coordinated to go together.  I have high hopes for this project, I think it might look pretty cool when it is done, that is if I ever get it done.  I am trying to keep the piece fairly small, like an 8" x 10" size maybe, hopefully that will allow me to actually complete the damn thing and not just add another project to my ever expanding UFO (unfinished object) pile.  Wish me luck.  I always need it.

I mentioned a couple days ago that I have been taking some online classes on Art Quilting techniques.  I also purchased a bunch of workshop videos and TV shows (on sale) along the same subject line and have been watching those the last couple of days.  My gawd I am overwhelmed by all of the inspiration and information.  There turns out to be a whole lot of things I didn't know, and even more now that I want to know.  And damnit, they gave me a whole host of new tools that I now HAVE to have!  I hate when they do that!  Don't they realize how obsessive-compulsive I am when it comes to this shit?!  Its just not fair!

Now I am all pumped up and anxious to start putting all of these great new ideas and techniques to work.  But I still have all this damn actual work that I have to get done first.  I guess I better get busy on something now so that I can get started on what I want to do sooner.  Until next time ...

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