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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Short Political Rant

I am going to go off on a rant tonight.  Probably shouldn't, but I have never let that slow me down before, why start now?  I just cannot understand how any human being in their right mind can vote for someone like Mitt Romney.  To me, this guy is the lowest form of pond scum and the concept of him having control over this country is downright terrifying.  Are people really that blind?  Or are they just that fucking stupid?  Its one thing for the rich bastards like him to vote for him, they will all be sitting pretty in his "new world".  The rest of us will be penniless slaves forced to work ourselves to death for the crumbs they throw down upon us.  Yeah, I am exaggerating a little bit, sure I am, you just keep on thinking that.  After all, I am the crazy one, right? 

This jackwipe wants to take us back to the days when carpet baggers like him run free to rape and pillage the land with no concern for anyone or anything else except how much money they can make.  He wants to eradicate the last 100 years of efforts towards equality and return us to a world where only rich white (straight) men are allowed to think, vote, or just plain matter.  Not that it will matter since the whole place will be a desolate waste land after four years of the exploitation and greed of a Romney administration.  

As for his "great business sense", spare me.  Great, he made lots of money screwing over American workers and American companies.  Buying other people's hard work and dreams, and then gutting them for all they are worth before sinking them so deeply in debt that he could claim bankruptcy on the rubble.  Screwing over all the "little people" along the way.  It is classic rich capitalist greed and corruption at its finest that is for damn sure.  But it sure as hell isn't how we should be running this damn country!

Now I have said before, I have my differences with President Obama.  He made some promises in his first campaign that I feel he seriously reneged on, and I am not happy about that.  But, I do not blame him for all the things he had no control over.  Like a fucking congress full of jack wipes more concerned with keeping Obama from having a second term than they were with people of this country.  Obama did NOT get us into the fucking mess we are in - BUSH JR. did that!  And President Bush had a lot of fucking help getting us into this mess, from people like Mitt Romney!

And now for some unfathomable reason there are people who actually think they will somehow magically be better off this time than they were the last time if they hand this country over to yet another greedy, misogynistic, self-entitled, war monger.  I do not understand.  I will not even try. 



  1. My thoughts exactly!!! I keep sharing posts and putting "Pay attention" in the heading... but I don't think people are listening. Not to me, but to the facts that are being shown to all of us. I'm scared... really scared! People need to wake up and really look at what is being offered... and what those offers will really do to our country, our families, our lives.

  2. I agree with you 100%.

  3. Total agreement. Mitt is just there for Teabaggers to use as a rubberstamp.

  4. He is definitely scary. I'm scared of his agenda and mystery plans. he seems do fake.