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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fine, You Win, Sort Of ...

OH alright then!  I have decided to listen to the voices of reason and I will not be shutting down Mother's Facebook Page entirely after all.  I am still not going to post over there, but I will share what I post Here to There so you can find it if you want to, or ignore it, whatever.  I will stop by there once in a while to delete stupid comments and ban stupid people, but I am not going beyond that. 

The past two days without Facebook have been fantastic!  I have finished the bindings on two quilts and I am half way through a third, and that was just today.  My house is getting cleaner, my work is getting doner, (yes, I know it is not a real word, but I am using it anyway) and I really do feel better.  

I decided not to close my personal account though.  I have a couple of friends on there that I know I will lose contact with completely if not for Facebook, and they are too important to me.  I did "unfriend" most of my Family, and my husband's family, including my Mother.  It was difficult, but I finally managed to do it.  I still feel kinda bad about it, but I am pretty sure I will get over it. Eventually.

In the meantime, I am doing pretty good so far at staying away.  I have logged on for a few minutes a few times to answer messages from friends and check the Pages for stupid. But I haven't allowed myself to get sucked in.  Yet.  Must stay vigilant.  Obsessive behaviors are difficult to overcome, but I know I can do it.  I have done it before.  It is just a matter of changing focus and moving on to doing something else.  Which is why I have gotten so much work done.  And I think getting so much work done is why I am so tired.  So I am going to give up on writing anything ground breaking for the evening and go reassure a couple of wonderful women that they have succeeded in talking me out of closing the pages that brought them into my life.  I still hate Facebook, but Mother Loves all of you.


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  1. You are a strong person for being able to remove family from your lfe that is toxic for you. After 32 years of struggling with the emotional abuse and emotional neglect inflicted by my sperm and egg donors, 8 years ago I cut all ties with them. I tried to reconcile for years the kind of relationship we had, but when they turned on my little ones to get to me, that was it for me. I have to say, while I can never completely mend what they broke in me, they can break me no further and it feels great! I wish you luck on that part of life's journey!