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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mother has Quilts on the Brain

Hello Internet People!  I did start on that quilt making tutorial I was talking about yesterday, but it is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated.  The writing up part is being difficult, not the quilt making part.  The quilt making part is easy.  Trying to decide just how much detail is really needed in the write-up, that part is not so easy.  So I took a break from it and did a write up on the differences between different types of sewing machines instead.   I used pictures of some of my own machines to illustrate various features and point out the differences.  

I still need to finish putting together the quilt kits that go with the tutorial.  I am thinking I have enough flannel fabric to make most of them complete quilt kits except for the batting.  In other words, the kit would contain all the pre-cut pieces for the quilt top, a solid piece of fabric for the back, and enough strips of fabric for the binding, along with the pattern and directions of course.  You could actually put the whole thing together without any batting inside, but it wouldn't technically be a quilt that way.  Or you could do like my Grandma always did and use a blanket from the thrift store (or your closet) in place of batting. 

Anyway, other than the quilt stuff I really didn't do much today.  Mostly because I have spent all day doing that. It did dry out outside today, but the wind was blowing like crazy, so still no pictures of the big quilt yet.  Maybe I will try to figure out a way to shoot it inside the studio after all.  I could do half of it at a time or something like that.  I need to go out and straighten up out there again anyway.  And since the photography wall was designed to double as a design wall I can use it to take better pictures for the quilt kits as I finish putting them together.

Well, now that I have a plan for my day tomorrow I am going to quit typing and go do something else for a while.  Talk at ya next time.  Namaste.                


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