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Monday, October 1, 2012

Mother's Monday Ramble

Well, I finally did it.  I managed to put together an artist's bio for myself last might that is not half bad if I do say so myself.  Actually I already ran it by somebody else who's opinion I trust far than my own, and she said it was pretty good, so that is even better.  Unfortunately you all are just going to just have to keep waiting for it because I changed my mind about using the old picture.  Since I cut all my hair off, now I don't look very much like the woman in the old picture, so as soon as I get it all hacked off correctly I will have to take a new picture.  And I am going to be mean and cruel and make you wait until then.  That is just the way I am.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I am working on adding new  fabrics to my color palette, but it occurred to me later that my description was, inaccurate.  Each strip of fabric that I add actually contains anywhere from half a dozen to literally dozens of different  colors, shades, and tones.  Here, let me show you what I mean:

The first two pictures are close-up shots.  The camera and the direct sun light tend to wash the colors out a little, the second one is far more green in real life than it appears on my computer, but they illustrate my point anyway.  The larger pictures are just shots of all of the stacks of pieces I have to work with.  I have about half again as much more that I still need to attach the fusible webbing to, but I think I have amassed a large enough selection to get me through the winter anyway.

Okay, crazy lady, looks like you have lots of strips of lots of pretty  colors sitting there, mind telling us what the fuck you are doing with them since most of us don't have a clue what the hell you are talking about most of the time?

Oh, come on now, where would the fun be in that people?  Be honest, the fact that you never know just what the hell I am talking about is part of my charm.  It sucks you in, hoping eventually the mystery will be revealed, but there are just more mysteries contained in every post.  Be patient good internet people, all will be revealed in the end.  We just haven't reached the end yet.  Heck, I am still working on the beginning!  Give me a chance will ya?!

On a different subject entirely, we just found out our landlords want to sell us our house!  And for a price that is not only reasonable, it even credits us for part of the last five years worth of rent we have paid here.  I have never really wanted to be stuck down here, but the prospect of not having to move again certainly has its merits.  I do like this house, I have since the day we found it.  It has its draw-backs, but it has always felt like home.  And for me, that is not a familiar feeling, I have rarely felt at home anywhere I have lived before.

There are still a lot of details to work out, so I am not getting my hopes up too high yet, but it sure would be nice to be able to feel secure in making the changes we have wanted to make since we first moved in.  Our landlords would let us do pretty much whatever we wanted to the place, but we didn't want to damage their property value by making "improvements" that other people might not appreciate.  Like tearing out half the lawn to grow food instead.  And frankly we were hesitant to invest very much of our own money into someone else's property, but if it was our property, that would be different.  Hell I am already tearing out that nasty carpet in the kitchen in my mind!  And I could have MY stove back!  I have a beautiful glass top stove and double oven out in the garage that has just been sitting out there collecting dust for 5 1/2 years!  We would have to cut out part of the kitchen cabinets to have it in the house, so it sits out there, waiting.  Oh my, so many plans to think of, I better slow my ass back down and wait to see where this all ends up before I go remodeling the entire house!

For now I will go back to working on my color palette and planning my future career as a world renowned artist and writer.  At least that is something I might have a little bit of control over! 

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