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Friday, October 12, 2012

Technology + Me = The Ultimate Love/Hate Relationship

I am not sure why today turned into a writing day, but at least it has been productive in some way.  I have been washing out fabrics from my day of dyeing in and around all the writing, and dealing with work, and the kids, and the housework, but of course, none of that counts.  Yes, I am kidding, of course it counts!  Just not for much. (Still kidding.)

I swear this laptop has decided that it needs to drive me crazy.  (Don't you just love when I change the subject out of the blue like that, I do!)  A few days ago the mouse I have been using with it for months, decided it was done working.  Okay, fine, I can handle that.  I found another mouse in my husbands collection of spare parts, plugged it in, and, it didn't work either.  Try number two got me a working mouse which was awesome because I can't use that touch pad thingy, it drives me insane.

So, I finally get a mouse working and suddenly the button for the letter "n" starts not working every once in a while, and it works less and less the more I need it.  It does work, (obviously since my words aren't all missing the n's) but it is sticky, so I have to slam down on it harder than one should have to push a computer key in order to make it work.  It is getting a little irritating.  

But it is just the design of this thing I think that is the hardest thing for me to get used to.  I am forever hitting what I think is the backspace key only to end up hitting the "home" key.  What the fuck is that even a key for anyway?!  I hate that damn thing!  Stupid freaking "home" key. Grumble, grumble, grumble.  I have the same issue with all of the keys on the right side of this keyboard though.  If I am not looking directly at the keys while I type, I cannot type on this thing to save my soul, and even when I am looking directly at the damn keys I still hit the wrong fucking ones!  You would think after all these months I would get used to it, but I still haven't, and I am beginning to think I never will!

Oh well, I am fucking lucky to have the damn thing at all and I am extremely grateful that I do, regardless of any issues it may cause me. It is awesome that I have one to use and I know that better than anyone.  But it was fun to bitch about it, and I feel much better now, so its all good, right?  I am going with that.  That works for me.


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