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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rainy Day Update ...

Hello again.  I worked on another tutorial for the "Make It With Mother" Blog today.  I mentioned the other day in a post here that I needed to make some new potholders, which I did.  Then I figured somebody out there might want to see how I did it,  so I made another one today and took pictures of all the steps. Now there is a new Blog post for everyone to enjoy.

I didn't get to take pictures of the newest quilt yet.  It won't fit the wall in my "Photography Studio", so I will have to hang it up outside to get good pictures of the whole thing.  And, of course, it has been pouring down rain all day.  So, no pictures of that until the weather clears.     
Now I just have to figure out what is next on my project list.  I still have a bunch of quilts to quilt, but after that last big one, I am not ready for that yet.  I have a thousand things I should be doing, or could be doing, but figuring what I can do is always a challenge.  I know my husband has work he wants me to do, but he hasn't been able to explain to me just what the hell it is I am supposed to be doing, so I am just going to keep finding other things to do until he does.

I think I might start playing with some of the new design ideas I had for the screen printing system.  That ought to provide a few ideas for tutorials for the other Blog too.  Some of the ideas I have been playing with might transfer over pretty well to other applications besides screen printing, so they may have a broader appeal.  There I go, talking in cryptic circles again.  Sorry, I am still putting it all together in my head, when I get something concrete figured out I promise you will be the first to know.

In the meantime I better go do something besides sitting here rambling aimlessly for no apparent reason.  Here, I will give you all a picture to make up for making you sit through my rambling.  That sounds like a fair trade to me. 




  1. Are you close enough to feel the earthquake that hit BC, Canada last night?

  2. We are probably close enough, but as far as I know I slept through it.