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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why I Am Cutting the Facebook Cord

I am sitting here trying to ignore the Presidential Debate that my husband is watching.  I just can't sit through anymore of that Mr. Romney and his kind of people.  The lies are bad enough, but I expect that from politicians.  They all lie.  It is the whole attitude of the man and people like him that I just cannot take any more.  The greedy, selfish, self-serving, hypocrisy is physically sickening to me.  Why do people find it such an offensive idea that ALL people deserve to have food to eat, a roof over their heads, a decent education, and proper fucking medical care, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY MAKE!?!  

I do not fucking understand people at all.  And I have given up giving a shit.  All these people that infuriate me with their hate ad greed and stupidity, they really do not matter a fucking hill of beans in my world, so why they fuck should I give a crap what they think or what they say?  I shouldn't.  And I don't.  I started the Facebook page as a way of protecting the feelings of people who never gave a crap about my feelings, ever.  And then I let it get hijacked by the feelings of the people who "liked" the page, even though I never asked any of them to "like" it, and, again, most of them never really gave a crap about my feelings either.

That was fine.  I didn't mind using the page to entertain people, even though I was really getting absolutely nothing from it in return other than an upset stomach every fucking time some moron had to tell me how offensive they found me.  But it has all gotten to be too fucking much and I just don't want to play anymore.  Here, on the Blog, you have to go through a whole bunch of effort to post a comment, and even then, no one will ever see it unless I decide to let them.  There is little point in anyone complaining or calling me names here, no one will ever see it, and I won't even read past the first few words if your are being mean, so here, I am safer.

And here at least, I get a little bit of return on investment.  I have spent hundreds of hours on Facebook in the last years and a half, and as I mentioned I have not gotten shit from it.  This blog has actually provided a much better return on investment.  I have probably put a total of a couple hundred hours altogether into this blog in the past 11 months, give or take a few.  As a result of that time I have sold three t-shirts, gotten a couple of small donations from readers (Thank you again, and again, and again for that!), and someday I may even start getting actual checks from the Ads Sense stuff as well.  But far more importantly, I have made a couple of friends from the blog.  Okay, maybe I made a couple of friends on Facebook too, and I really do appreciate those few people who have reached out to me through both places in friendship.  I cherish each and every one of you.

I guess, if I am going to be completely honest with all of you, which is what I have always tried to do, the decision to leave Facebook has far more to do with my personal life than it has to do with any of the Pages I run.  Yes, all the changes Facebook has made are a big part of it.  I am tired of bitching about it and still putting up with it.  I am tired of being walked all over by giant corporations and rich greedy little pricks just because it is easier to go along with being treated like crap than to just walk away.  Not doing it anymore.  I don't shop at Walmart anymore, I try to mke sure that as many of the products I buy are made in the USA as possible, and when not possible, I try to make sure I at least buy from retailers whose policies aren't repulsive to me.  I am trying to take a stand in my own life, not just in words, but in actions.

Of course there is the issue of Facebook being a major fucking time suck.  Seriously, I would get up every morning, click on the Facebook tab (I never closed it) and lose two or three hours before I even got dressed!  And then I would lose half an hour here and an hour there, all day long!  It was worse than a fucking drug addiction!  I really do not need that in my life.  Although I am going back to playing on Pinterest, so I am not sure how much I am gaining there.  But I could never spend more than a few minutes at a time on there before it gets monotonous and I go on to doing other things.  Facebook just sucked me in ALL the time and it was like pulling teeth to pry me out.  That is not healthy, and it certainly isn't productive, and I am done.  

But I really have an extremely personal reason for needing to leave Facebook.  And I am sure it is "immature" and "childish" of me, but I just can't take logging over to my personal account and seeing my family members reminding me of all the pain and misery.  I thought about "unfriending" them, but I can not bring myself to "unfriend" my Mother.  No matter how much she has hurt me, I know she didn't mean to.  She did the best she could with what she had to work with and I know that.  I don't hate her.  I just don't want to be reminded of her.  But I can't "unfriend" her, I just can't make myself do that.  It is much easier just to walk away entirely and never look back, and I am going to take the easy way out this time because I have had a lifetime of the "high road" and the altitude sickness is more than I can take anymore.  

So for all of these reasons, and probably a dozen or so more, I am cutting the Facebook cord and moving forward with my life.  As I said, I will be posting more of the silly pictures and stuff here for you all to share to Facebook if you want, but I just need to stay here (and Pinterest!) for my own mental health and emotional well-being, as well as for my personal socioeconomic integrity.  I am so glad there are at least a few of you who have decided to follow me over here, and I hope that you will feel free to share the blog with anyone you think might enjoy it.  Mother is Pleased to have you here, I hope you enjoy your stay.              


  1. i care about yer feelings...will miss you on fb...but i understand...fb can be a black hole for time sucking...

  2. We'll miss you on facebook. I do understand your reasons though

  3. I hardly ever comment, but have enjoyed your posts on fb and have clicked that "like" button so many times. I am not so sure I can like this, but I do understand your reasons. I, along with many others will miss you on fb. Now, if you will just lead me in the direction to follow you on blogspot I will.

  4. I am definately going to miss you over on facebook...but, You have to do what is best for YOU and no-one else :)

  5. Fair sailing to you! I don't watch the debates for the same reason I don't watch the party conventions. They're both scripted acting jobs. Granted the conventions are worse than the debates, but still, all they are is practice to see how well each candidate weasels out of answering questions directly.

  6. My newsfeed will miss you. Now - I'm a bit of an idiot when it comes to technology - so, how do I subscribe to your blog so I don't miss it?


  7. Add it it to your toolbar favorites as I have.
    I will miss seeing you on facebook mother, but I totally understand. I myself have limited my time I spend on it. I have to, otherwise I'll go insane. There is a big world out there, and I do not intend to waste my life in front of the computer. Of course, you know I love you, and I'm behind you no matter what. <3