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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday's Rambles

Well, what the hell should we talk about today?  I worked on the quilting on another quilt today.  Almost finished it, just have the borders yet to quilt and it will be ready for binding.  This one is probably my favorite of the quilts I made this year.  It is just so happy and cheerful!

I have been doing a lot of research into the world of "art quilting" lately, I think I mentioned that before.  And for once in my life, the more I research, the more confident I become.   I really can do this, and I can do it very well.  After looking at hundreds of pieces of "art" deemed good enough to hang in actual galleries and museums, I need to get busy!  There are of course multitudes of artists out there who are better than I am, that is a given.  But, knowing how many are out there that are not, and they are still making money, well, that is what I call inspiration!

If only I could squeeze a few more hours out of each day.  I am getting better.  I am spending less time on Facebook and more time actually doing constructive things.  And I have been doing pretty good with my goal of writing for at least an hour each day.  As evidenced by all of the pointless blog posts lately.  They are really not pointless, not for me anyway.  For me they are extremely important, they are a step in the right direction, a step I desperately need to take right now, and I greatly appreciate those of you who take the time to read them.  

This truly is a journey into the unknown for me, the whole idea of stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight on purpose, it is a little overwhelming sometimes.  Having somewhere to work out my fears and insecurities has helped immensely, I really don't think I could do this without you.  Having gone most of my adult life without any noticeable support system, I must say you internet people have proven to be more supportive of me than most of the people I have been surrounded by in my real life, and I am still amazed at how empowering it is to have people rooting for me!  There are days when you all make me feel like I really can take on the world, and maybe even be somebody.  I honestly never would have believed that before.  Now, I am beginning to see a world of possibilities before me that I had never imagined I could achieve, and they don't seem so outrageous after all.

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  1. I, however, am not doing so well with the avoiding FB. *sigh* Will be trying much harder the rest of the week! I was introduced to art quilting by reading Helen Cowans' blog ( & Jenny at Only I have totally forgotten the name of Jennys' other blog which featured her textile art.
    I am incredibly pleased that you are seeing the possibilities before you :))