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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Successful Sunday

Another pointless blog post, coming right up.  I started working on a new project last night.  Yes, I know, I said I wasn't gonna do that, but I did it anyway.   It is actually something I have been planning for quite a while, I just finally got around to starting it last night.  It is actually a series of projects I have planned for use with my screen printing system.  I bought a 20 yard roll of black vinyl last Spring to use to create some original artwork to burn into the screens.  I have stated before I think,  that I cannot draw.  I mean it, I really, really suck at drawing!  But I can cut quite beautifully.  So I am cutting my designs out of the vinyl, I haven't actually tested this process yet, but it is theoretically sound, so hopefully it will work.

Of course that will mean I will have to haul the whole screen printing set up back into the house and take over the big bathroom again.  That is my "darkroom".  It is the only place I can work that has running water, electricity, and the ability to be darkened fairly well.  Its kind of a pain, but since my husband rarely uses that bathroom I can get away with it for a while.  I have a whole stack of t-shirts and sweatshirts I was going to do some machine embroidery on that I might just use with the screen printer instead if these designs work as well as I hope they will.  

I ordered the rest of the supplies I needed to do one more round of dyeing later this week too.  I need some more very dark colors for my palette and I still have a couple dozen t-shirts left that haven't been dyed yet.  I also need to finish taking pictures of the shirts that have been dyed.  I started re-listing them on Etsy with the better pictures, but I am only doing one or two a day so as to spread out the listings in hopes of getting a little more exposure.  I did finish quilting that quilt I started last night, so that is one more ready for binding.  Guess I better get to cutting and pressing bindings for these darn things so I can get them listed on Etsy too.  They certainly are never going to sell if I don't get them done and listed!

I even managed to work on my "Phoenix" a little more today.  I almost have his wings done.  Not sure if this is going to turn out as well as I had originally hoped, but we shall see.  If not, the perhaps the next one will be better.  I am working very hard on keeping positive as much as possible in all of this.  It is not easy, but I am trying.  I refuse to sabotage myself anymore.  It is my damn turn to shine and I am gonna do it if it kills me!  

So, all in all, today was a very productive day, and I think I made up for the lack of progress yesterday.  And now that I have delivered up another pointless blog post I think I will get back to cutting out tiny pieces of vinyl for the remainder of the evening.  Not sure what I will work on tomorrow, but I am sure I will probably bore you to tears again tomorrow night with a recap of whatever it turns out to be.  Until then, Namaste.

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  1. Back, a few decades now, when I was in art school, I was *never* satisfied with a piece. Not matter compliments, no matter time restraints, there was always the feeling of 'it sucks' & 'I'll do better next time'. In short order I realized that sinking into a black mood was the incorrect way of thinking about my frustration. The urge to do it better is what kept me creating. After all, if something is perfect, why would I want to do it again? With embroideries, I take comfort in the glitches as I have this sneaky sinking suspicion that a perfect piece may anger a Diety of some sort, as a human believing they are as a god, by making a perfect piece.