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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My New Adventures in Blogging

In case any of you missed it, Mother has started a NEW Blog!  "Mother Loves Rocks" will be a tribute to my Love of Rocks and all things Geological.  I am thinking to set up a series of new Blogs on different topics of interest to me, separating out the different aspects of my personality and my interests may not only help me decide the course of my future, but it also might just help all of you by not making you put up with all this rambling crap if you only wanted to be here for something else.

I am still working on how I am going to set each of them up, and just how many I think I can handle posting to on a semi regular basis.  I think if I designate a theme to each Blog, like Geology, or Crafting, then I will have a little more incentive to keep on topic instead of just rambling aimlessly like I do here.  I think I am going to keep the rambling here.  Move the good stuff to the new Blogs to maybe entice more of you to head over to them as well.  

Wish me luck on this little adventure.  I am pretty sure I am going to need it.  And please bear with me during this time while I try to get everything set up on the new Blogs, this is not as easy as it should be,  and I am not as computer literate as I should be.  I am getting there, but these things do take time.  And a LOT of trial and error on my part.  Mostly error.  That is how I seem to learn best.                            

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