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Thursday, October 25, 2012

It Has Been A Damn Good Day

My goodness internet people, Mother certainly had a day today!  The two new Blogs are up and running with actual posts and everything!  And I even managed to finish all of this week's laundry, my "work", and my other "chores" too!  I cannot remember the last time I had a more productive day.  Nor do I remember feeling so damn good!  I just feel so ... accomplished.

In case you missed it, the newest addition to Mother's Blog Roll is "Make It With Mother", and I posted a cute little craft project today to get it started.  That was a lot of fun to put together and I am very much looking forward to doing a lot more of those.  I have a lot of simple project ideas, and some not so simple ideas, to share in the coming weeks.

I have mentioned before that I have a very diverse interest base to pull from in writing these blog posts.  I know after 11 months of mostly mindless drivel here on this Blog, it might be kind of hard to believe by now, but I told you from the beginning that this Blog was about finding my voice and gathering my strength, and I think I am finally getting there.  I am still trying to figure out a lot of things, including just what the hell I want to do with the rest of my life, but I know that writing will always be a part of who I am so I might as well get on with it.  

I do realize that it will take time to build these Blogs and develop followings for each of them.  I am not expecting a huge response initially, but I think they can help me to build a solid foundation for a future in both my writing and my art.  And, even if they don't, I am having fun and that is what really matters in the end.  I think they will be a lot more fun if other people join in, but either way, its all good.


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